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Vitamin D Status in Pregnant Women of Udaipur

Deepa Singh

This study is aimed to analyze serum concentration of Total Vitamin D in normal pregnant and non-pregnant women. A total number of 200 women, out of which 150 were pregnant with 50 number in each trimester and 50 non pregnant from Udaipur city were selected for the study. They were in the age ranging from 20-35 years. The study was conducted for a period of 9 months. Women were divided into four categories A, B, C and D. Category A, B and C included pregnant women of first, second and third trimester while category D included non-pregnant women. Average total Vitamin D concentration in the first trimester was 21% less than the control group. Similarly, total Vitamin D concentration in the second trimester was 30.4% less than the control and in the third trimester it was 47.3% less than the control. In all the completed trimesters, there is significant reduction in values of vitamin D than control non pregnant group (p value < 0.05). This example illustrates the importance of specialists. While we all at some point learned how to perform a neurologic exam, our general examination skills fall away as we become more specialized in our fields. Had we simply brushed off her initial symptoms, we could have put her health and life in serious jeopardy. Therefore, supplementation of Vitamin D during the entire period of pregnancy is recommended in order to avoid the complications associated with Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy.