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Power Station Waste Utilization in Arab Gulf Countries: Fly Ash Production and Economical Potential

Afaf Ghais

The energy mix petroleum, pet coke, coal, heavy fuel plants can apply solid waste management methods for clean, economical solutions within the GCC region. The use of cheap building materials which generate in the power plants, can be applied in the Gulf area. The GCC electricity production plants with will produce huge fly ash amount. As an example, 50-60 tons of heavy fuel fly ash formed from a mid-capacity power plant of 2300 mw. The GCC power stations are the main supply of ash that is currently imported from outside the region. This research bestowed the expected fly ash resources and amounts within the Arab Gulf states, from the operating and planed electricity plants. The results showed that a substantial proportion of fly ash can be locally collected and utilized. Cheap and environmental applications are often extended from native ash utilization for the construction and water treatment sector.